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CourtTimeJudgesHearingCase DetailsAdditional Information
Court 610:30amLady Justice Whipple, Mr Justice Bryan and His Honour Judge Lickley KC 202401451 A2 Khalid Abdullah 
    202401487 A2 Joseph BennettPre-con in booth 1 at 10:30am
    202300210 B4 David Levesconte1992 Sexual Offences Act applies. Pre-con in booth 1 at 11am
    202302405 B1 Craig Spencer1992 Sexual Offences Act applies
    202301175 B3 Leon Zylicz1992 Sexual Offences Act applies
Court 710:30amLord Justice Holroyde Vice President of the Court of Appeal Criminal Division, Mr Justice Goose and Mr Justice Bright 202203724 B2 Simon Davies 
    202300348 B2 Simon Davies 
    202300351 B2 Marcus Justin Hughes 
    202300363 B2 Damion Darren Morgan 
Court 810:30amLord Justice Warby, Mr Justice Holgate and Mr Justice Murray 202304257 B3 Joel WilkiePre-con in booth 1 at 9:45am
    202302818 A4 Karl Laurence FrancombPre-con in booth 3 at 10:45am
    202303076 A4 Gary Fenton 
    202301229 B3 Leroy Jefro Gibbs-Higgins 
    202303567 B3 Leroy Jefro Gibbs-Higgins 
Court 910:30amLord Justice William Davis, Mrs Justice Cockerill and His Honour Judge John LodgeReference by the Attorney General under s.36 Criminal Justice Act 1988202401490 A4 Ibraheem Anwar 
    202302774 A2 Wesley Gordon Campbell 
    202303032 A2 Craig GallagherPre-con in booth 2 at 10:45am
    202400583 A5 Arnole ManePre-con in booth 2 at 11:45am