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TimeJudgeCase detailsCase TypeTime estimateType of hearingOpen to public or private
10amSJ HilderCOP13805206 , AA -v- Kent County Council , Directions, Section 21a Deprivation of LibertyDirections3 HoursRemotePrivate
2pmSJ HilderCOP13641809 , KD -v- Bolton Borough Council , to consider , conduct these proceedings , decide where he lives , decide how he is cared for , DirectionsDirections1 HourAttendedPublic
3pmSJ HilderCOP13882034 OI -v- London Borough of Havering , Directions , Decisions relating to deprivation of libertyDirections1 HourRemotePrivate
11:30amDJ EllingtonCOP13874351 , DG -v- London Borough of Havering , Final , Section 21A Deprivation of Liberty , DirectionsFinal1 HourRemotePrivate
2pmDJ EllingtonCOP13733439 , GT -v- London Borough of Lambeth , DirectionsDirections1 HourRemotePublic
3pmDJ EllingtonCOP14013007 , DS -v- London Borough of Hackney , Section 21A Deprivation of Liberty , DirectionsDirections1 HourRemotePublic
2pmDJ BattenCOP13919903 , MH -v- London Borough of Brent , Directions , Whether to vary or terminate a standard authorisation of deprivation of liberty , DirectionsDirections1 HourRemotePublic
10:30amDDJ KaufmanCOP13603727 , SL -v- London Borough of Lambeth and DL , DirectionsDirections1 HourRemotePublic