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List updated: 25 November 2022

JudgeTimeVenueCase detailsType of hearingAdditional information
Before MRS JUSTICE FARBEY10amCourt 1CO/2026/2021 Doga v General Prosecutor Court of Appeal Lyon (France)Judgment Read Out 
Before MRS JUSTICE FOSTER DBE3pm CO/2826/2021 The King on the application of Selevicius v Secretary Of State For The Home DepartmentJudgmentThis judgment was handed down by the judge remotely by circulation to the parties’ representatives by email and release to The National Archives. The date and time for hand-down will be deemed to be at Monday 28 November 2022 at 3pm. A copy of the judgment in final form as handed down can be made available after that time, on request by email to the listoffice@administrativecourtoffice.justice.gov.uk;