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JudgeCourtTimeCase NumberCase NameType of HearingTime Estimate
Deputy District Judge Pickering902pm875 OF 2022GLA999 LimitedRestored Name on papers2 hours
   503 OF 2022Cyber Systems International Limited  
   507 OF 2022Minerva (Ramsay) Limited  
   509 OF 2022Nikolas Trans Limited  
   513 OF 2022Woodrow Digital Solutions Limited  
   514 OF 2022ELS Legal LLP  
   590 OF 2022Taymouth (Suites) Limited  
   604 OF 2022CYBZO Ltd  
   622 OF 2022LS Side Construction Ltd  
   630 OF 2022David North Driving Services Limited  
   629 OF 2022WJM Builders Ltd  
   647 OF 2022Adhij Ltd  
   691 OF 2022Nemesis Investments Limited  
   1244 OF 2022Panna Limited  
   1245 OF 2022Alpha Chiropractic Clinic Limited  
   1243 OF 2022Out of the Park Limited  
   1250 OF 2022Burford Lacey Property Consultancy Limited  
   1261 OF 2022Base Cleaning & Maintenance Limited  
   1262 OF 2022John Roulstone Limited  
   1263 OF 2022O.K. Magazines Limited  
   1265 OF 2022Laystall Engineering (Solihull) Limited  
   1260 OF 2022Marshall - Andrew Construction Limited  
   172 OF 2022A.K. Pancholi Dental Surgery Ltd  
   171 OF 2022A B Drawing and Design Limited  
   159 OF 2022Imagica Limited  
   775 OF 2021DEI Electrical Services Limited  
District Judge Wilkinson9211am65 OF 2022Fetaimia VAdjourned Creditors Petition Hearing in person4 hours