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Burglary in a dwelling / residential burglary Theft Act 1968 - court cases, maximum sentence

Offence :

Burglary in a dwelling / residential burglary

Legislation : Theft Act 1968
Section : Section 9
Maximum Penalty : 14 years imprisonment
'Three-Strikes' minimum 3-years imprisonment - Section 4
Crime (Sentences) Act 1997
Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) : Sentencing - Legal Guidance
Sentencing Council : Court Sentencing Guidelines
Offence Note/s :
Residential burglary includes all buildings or parts of buildings that are within the boundary of, or form a part of, a dwelling - the dwelling itself, vacant dwellings, sheds, garages, outhouses, summer houses and any structure that meets the definition of a building (Home Office Counting Rules for Recorded Crime).