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Re:A question     (Posted on: 2013-01-23 07:51:12)

The court can order her to attend court and i can not determine the sentence as a judge has to consider all mitagating or aggravating each offence individually
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A question     (Posted on: 2010-10-13 09:52:22)

I have a friend whose husband  and step son assaulted a young man that happened to be passing them for no apparent reason.. The assault spilled onto the road and motorists could not pass. They left the man on their lawn, but fearing they would be caught they dragged him into their home and continued to assault him.. The police knocked as someone had called them but they denied all knowledge of anything and as the police did not have a warrant they could not enter.  The two men proceeded to clean the young man up and sent him on his way after threatening him not to say anything.. My friend stayed upstairs throughout all of this (disgustingly) and has left her husband to live in a refuge for the time being.. She is refusing to give a statement in order to protect stepson.. The case has been referred to crown court.. What is the likely outcome for the husband?I do not know what he has been charged with. Could she be made to give a statement? Is she committing an offence by not speaking up?
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