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Re:Re:MAIL     (Posted on: 2008-10-24 13:55:03)

I\'m not quite sure what your asking but I\'ve interpreted it the best I can .

If no-one is at home , I believe they have the right to leave your parcel [Assuming you have a letterbox , it just doesn\'t fit] with someone around say a neighbour aslong as they sign for it . They have no legal obligation to wait for someone to come to the door/or wait for you to return - otherwise mail would never get delievered .

However if they are just \'dumping\' it , then I believe that to be negligence on their part and you could probably pursue a claim - especially if the parcel contained personal information .

Surely if the parcel hasn\'t been delievered they leave a card saying where it is ? At least that what happens in my area .

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Re:MAIL     (Posted on: 2008-09-09 12:30:35)

Hi Florida - that sounds like a pain. I dont know the definitive legal answer on this (only in my 2nd year LLB with much to learn!) but I do know that my Granny has to collect her post form the post office because her tiny little local post office does not actually deliver...which is a real hassle for her. I would love to know the legal position too because sometimes its a bit of a problem as she has mobility issues. Are there any cases in this sites database that could help? Maybe some post offices do not deliver and thats the way they work...is yours a post office that just will not deliver to you, or is that a general thing?
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MAIL DELIVERY     (Posted on: 2008-09-03 14:45:35)

What is the [legality] of {Royal mail] not delivering mail to my letterbox;instead it is dumped  3 floors away near front door of flat.Please could someone advise as not getting anywhere with royal mail or Postwatch.This is most distressing as worried about theft of personal mail. 

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