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Re:Re:Luke     (Posted on: 2008-10-20 11:41:19)

I agree he should of got more .

But we all know , life doesn\'t mean \'life\' nowadays . Your average \'life\' sentence is 12 years , but you retain a probation order after that - so speaking literally you could be 90 years old and still visiting your probation officer .

I think had a , dare I say it , \'Normal\' person have commited the offence , I think they would have probably got the same - disagreeing with the user above . I don\'t know why , but the court\'s seem to look on it completely differently killing someone with a car / by hand . What I want to know is , what difference would it have made if he\'d say , shot them ? Maybe it could be deemed more callious , but it\'s an object just like a car ... right ?

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Re:Luke     (Posted on: 2008-10-09 12:58:01)

Money [Buys] justice.If that was me or you not having a shed-load of dosh,we probably of got maximum.Our system mirrors the legal one in USA.God help us all??
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