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Re:adviceadvice on a company's duty of care

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Re:advice     (Posted on: 2010-04-12 16:06:30)

Hi there. I think you\'d definitely be able to sue the company in the civil courts. Have you contacted a solicitor to ask them about that? You could also ask them about making a complaint to the police about the company in relation to the death - Health & Safety legislation? Good luck!
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advice on a company's duty of care     (Posted on: 2010-01-26 14:45:44)

Can a sibling take a company to court over death of her brother.  My brother worked for a call centre company, he was unwell but did not want to take time off work because he feared for his job.  They had a three strikes and you are out policy.  Company was made aware of his illness but failed to reduce his workload etc during the period of ill health.  Found dead in his home by company employee who had left several messages to find out why he was not at work.  Died of the illness reported to the company.

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