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Name : ASTEC Services Ltd
Address : 10 George St
Alderley Edge
Post Code : SK9 7JL
Country : England
Telephone : +44 (0)1625 590008
Expertise: Accident investigation
Accident investigation (Construction)
Accident Prevention
Accident Reporting
Acoustic / Vibration Engineering
Blasting / explosives
Building Design
Building Services Engineering / General
Building Structures
Buildings Health & Safety
Buildings- Construction Defects
Chemical Explosion / Fire Hazards
Chemical Hazards / Incidents
Coal Storage And Handling
Construction Defects
Construction Failure
Construction materials (Including Asbestos)
Control of substances hazardous to health
Dangerous Materials Storage / Transport / Handling
Design defects (Faults)
Electric Generators
Energy Engineering / General
Environmental design (Architecture)
Environmental Engineering
Fire Safety
Fluid Engineering
Forensic Engineering
Gas (Fuel) Engineering
Hazard assessment (Health And Safety)
Hazardous waste
Health and safety
Health and safety (Construction Works)
Heating / Ventilation / Air Conditioning
Heating Equipment Safety / Venting
Hydraulics (Mechanical Engineering)
Industrial Accident / Injury Investigation
Industrial Chemicals / Solvents
Industrial Pollution Control / Exposure
Industrial Premises Health And Safety Compliance
Ionising Radiation Dose Exposure
Land Drainage Engineering
Lifting / Handling Machinery
Machine Failure / Defect Analysis
Machine Guarding
Manufacturing Engineering / Processes
Materials Handling Technology
Materials Testing / Failure Analysis
Mechanical Engineering / General
Mechanical Testing
Metals / Alloys Fracture / Failure
Noise / Vibration Control
Non-destructive Testing
Nuclear Engineering
Nuclear Fuel Production
Nuclear Reactors
Nuclear Safety
Nuclear Waste Processing Storage
Occupational Health
Offshore Accident Investigation
Offshore Health And Safety
Oil / diesel power plant
Paints / Sealants / Adhesives / Inks / Coatings
Plastics / Polymers / Metallurgy
Power plant safety
Power transmission
Process Plant / Machinery
Process Plant Safety
Product Failure / Defect Analysis
Production Engineering
Professional negligence (Engineering / Production)
Protective equipment (Health And Safety)
Quality assurance / quality control (Production)
Risk / environmental impact assessment (Chemical Hazards)
Safe Work Processes
Safety Audit / Compliance
Safety Engineering
Safety Management
Steam / Boiler Engineering
Structural Defects
Structural Steelwork
Thermal Engineering
Thermal Insulation
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