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Name : Act4You Limited
Web :
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Address : 2 Tregenna Court, Port Pendennis
Telephone : 01326 219426
24 Hour : 07791629576
We are able to prepare expert witness reports for a variety of different purposes. Examples include:

Ø  Quantification of loss of pensions benefits and earnings in personal injury claims

Ø  Quantification of losses in cases of Unfair dismissal

Ø  Reports in Divorce cases to value respective pension benefits. This may involve all types of pension schemes including money purchase or final salary schemes including public sector arrangements.

Ø  Reports arising from mis-selling of pensions, endowments and other financial products. This includes calculations of Redress in accordance with specifications set out by FSA.

Ø  Reports  in cases  subject to the Financial Ombudsman Service

Ø  Other cases of Personal and Commercial litigation where financial calculation are necessary

Ø  Calculations of Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and other related matters in connection with the Consumer Credit Act
 We are pleased to accept either single or joint instructions. Our formal Expert Witness Reports provide a clear well reasoned analysis and, where necessary, we are pleased to support our reports by providing oral evidence in person.

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