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Name : Advanced Simtech
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Address : The Loft, Kings Lane
Telephone : +44 (0) 1789 264 782
Fax : 01789297765

Advanced Simtech is an engineering consultancy with unique expertise in the fields of collision reconstruction, occupant crash simulation and high definition laser scanning.
The amount of information to be found within the interior of a crashed vehicle is easy to underestimate. Drawing on our experience of vehicle engineering an biomechanics, we are able to give insight into how people have interacted with the vehicle and even determine the pre-impact seating configuration.

We are able to provide expert witness support that is independent, impartial and experienced, including:

#Detailed vehicle examinations  
#Strip down and damage analysis of airbags, seatbelts, seating, roof liners and more
#Biometric analysis of seating positions to identify likely size of user
#Forensic data capture using 3D laser scanning
#Presentation of evidence to the court

As every case is unique, we strive to ensure that the most appropriate medium is used to illustrate to all parties the findings derived from our investigations, whether this is through purely verbal delivery, written report,  3D visualisation or detailed computer modelling.

Cases:AR (2015-05-08)
RN (2015-05-08)

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