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Constant legislative change has extended those areas of business, professional and personal conduct, to which the criminal law might apply.

If clients’ needs are to be met, criminal solicitors require to be up to date with the law, up to speed in technological change, up to the mark in service provision. We are.

Our reputation for representing clients in all courts within the criminal justice system is enhanced by the development of an in-house Crown Court advocacy team. Ten of our lawyers, including three principals, hold Rights of Audience in Higher Courts

Our service to clients now extends to the ability to brief advocates internally to provide a more timely, effective and seamless process which covers the majority of the relevant courts in the North West and beyond.

Anyone who is the subject of a criminal investigation is entitled to proper advice and representation. Whatever the allegation, simple theft to armed robbery to large scale fraud, corruption to conspiracy, assault to murder, whether it be heard in the Youth, Magistrates or Crown Courts or even the Appeal Court or the House of Lords, we offer support, advice and positive, professional representation.

Having acted in a number of nationally reported cases we have developed a pre-eminence in cases involving allegations of shaken baby syndrome, sudden infant death and in other specialist areas of expertise including Anti Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOS).
We are accredited by the Legal Services Commission to conduct Very High Cost Cases.

We are able to represent the rights of prisoners or their families through the whole spectrum of issues that may arise within the prison system. In that respect involvement with clients does not necessarily end after sentencing.

Our Prison Law team is able to respond on a national basis and can assist and support prisoners through the processes that may arise.

Recent years have seen an increase in criminal allegations against medical and nursing staff in relation to patients in their charge. Individuals in public service and other professions may also become involved at some level in the criminal justice system which will inevitably involve disciplinary proceedings.

Some proceedings may arise from, or be consequent on, a criminal investigation but in any event they are conducted on principles similar to those of the criminal law.

We can offer representation at all stages of the disciplinary process and through any subsequent criminal investigation.

Over the years the firm has been recognised as a leader in the field of road traffic law and has an enviable reputation in relation to the avoidance of disqualification. In an area which knows no social boundaries, our clientele has encompassed not only the ‘average driver’ but also leading professionals, along with personalities from the worlds of sport and entertainment.

Notable successes have been achieved in the defence of ‘speed camera’ offences, allegations of drink driving and the ever increasing range of regulations with which the motorist and the transport industry has to cope.

Doctor, dentist, parent, housewife, policeman, teacher, company director, nurse; once arrested all are just ‘suspects’ subject to the same process as the regular visitor to the police cells. The whole system of criminal investigation is dependant to a large degree on evidence of confession and admission whilst at the police station.

The assistance of a solicitor or other qualified representative during any interview is provided free of charge*. There is no means test, whatever your financial circumstances. We undertake on average 3000 police station attendances for clients every year and we are available to do this 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

*Applicable in Legally Aided matters only

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