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Name : C.SIAPPS Associates
Web :
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Address : PO BOX 780, St Albans
Telephone : 01582 834 288
24 Hour : 07768 582230
C.SIAPPS Associates is an international UK based Company which has operated successfully for many years during which time it has acquired a unique understanding of it's clients needs within the commercial and private sectors. As a specialised company we are able to provide an exemplary personal and professional service. Our campany are a team of highly qualified, conscientious operatives in the ongoing campaign against violence, corruption and fraud.

C.SIAPPS Associates personnel are committed to working within the parameters of the law. Our Operatives are handpicked from the elite units of the armed forces and the police. They then undergo a rigorous screening process and an intensive training programme, during this time they are continually and stringently assessed before qualifying as one of our operatives.

Prior to the commencement of any operation we undertake extensive research into the task assigned with an in-depth security and risk assessment study. This often includes employing the services of other agencies, to supply additional intelligence enabling us to bring the assignment to an early and satisfactory conclusion.

We have a comprehensive range of vehicles at our disposal, which enable us to adapt to any given scenario. We also have a vast range of 'state of the art' technical equipment to assist with our operations at any level.

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