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Name : Capstick Saxton Associates
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Address : Audley Coach House
  Stratton Audley
Telephone : +44 (0)1869 278783
24 Hour : +44 (0) 7702 292911
Following long careers in business, in a range of different roles and various sectors; Barbara Capstick and Dr Peter Saxton set up Capstick Saxton Associates (CSA) in 2003.

With totally different backgrounds and qualifications, between them they bring together a powerful combination of skills and experience in solving organisational problems, typically relating to people, processes and performance, at organisational, team and individual level.

CSA operates a network of experts and practitioners from a wide range of sectors and professions, bringing to their clients the analysis and expertise to make an immediate impact and leave a lasting improvement.

We take the view that every client is unique. Although many of the problems that we encounter we have seen before, it is always that case that we will start with an open mind, and make a thorough diagnosis before designing solution.

Training Professionals to be Manager-Leaders

To achieve success, firms need to be managed powerfully as businesses. Capstick Saxton Associates is a specialist provider of business skills training and advice to law firms. Accredited by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, our seminars and events are designed to deliver immediate practical value to lawyers and managers on business critical topics.

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