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Name : Cedarwood Tree Care
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Address : 3 Howton Grove Barns
  Hereford & Worcester
Telephone : 01981 570426
24 Hour : 07888 838360

Legal proceedings can present a labyrinth of issues, whether you are the claimant or defendant, or even just helping them.  How strong is the case?  Should you settle or continue?  Does the other side have a case?  Starting with a feasibility assessment to advise on the merits, we will offer impartial opinion and support you through the process to ensure the outcome is as favourable to you as possible.
We help with tree preservation order prosecutions, boundary disputes involving trees, tree valuations, insurance claims and planning appeals and inquiries.

Our lead expert is accredited with the Cardiff University Law School Bond Solon Expert Witness Certificate.

Mr. H discussed with his neighbour about removing the handful of conifers at the bottom of the garden.  His neighbour did not object, as long as Mr. H paid.  Both understod they were on Mr. H's land.  Later on, Mr. H's neighbour's widow realised that the trees were actually on her land.  She wanted them replacing, and obtained a quotation from a nursery to supply and deliver some magnificent replacements, needing a crane.  The potential bill was huge, the trees alone costing tens of thousands of pounds, and the claim was supported by an insurance policy sufficient to go to court.
Mr. H was willing to replace the trees, but felt the claim was out of proportion to what had been lost.  He sent us the photograpths of the original trees.  We soon realised that they weren't that special, and there was no space for a crane.  This was not a 'like-for-like' claim.  As M. H went in to mediation, we were able to ensure he was informed and a more realistic settlement could be negotiated.


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