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Name : Dog Expert Witness - Nick Jones MA
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Address : Dangerous Dog Assessments
  Spring Grove Barns
  West Midlands
Telephone : 01299 404356
24 Hour : 0775 909 3394
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Dog Expert Witness. Nick jones MA

Dangerous Dogs Expert.

Breed Type Assessor.  

In addition to my main role as a full-time dog behaviourist, I am also a dog expert witness in dog behaviour court cases and all aspects of human/dog relationships assessing canine temperament for court. Some owners can find themselves the centre of legal proceedings after (usually) an incident involving aggressive dog behaviour and facing prosecution under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. My role is to offer a behavioual assessment of the dog and where appropriate defend the dog’s temperament on the clients behalf.

I also carry out dog breed indentifications and behavioural assessments which usually pertains to those breeds that are of the American Pitbull Terrier Type.

I combine my written assessment with video based evidence on a DVD. This form of evidence has proven to be highly successful and persuasive in past cases, avoiding destruction of the dog. This service has extended to making assessments for social services and foster/adoption organisations, so I welcome contact from all bodies/organisations that require an experienced and professional assessment. 

I have been working in my own full time practice resolving dog behaviour problems for nearly ten years, and training dogs for over 15 years. Most of my day to day work involves addressing aggressive dog behaviour either towards other dogs or people, providing me with a wealth of hands on experience.

As well as my daily work-based experience, I have taken advanced courses in aggression to dogs and people with the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training, and I have a Masters Degree (Professional Practice in Canine Behaviour and Psychology), and have acted as an expert witness following instructions by clients, legal practices, welfare organisations, the police and courts. I always seek to work in close cooperation with Police Dog Legislation Officers (DLO's) and legal professions bringing a practical yet professional spirit to my work.

I have given a number of interviews with the BBC, Sky and ITN on dog behaviour and dog training related matters, as well as writing for Dogs Monthly as a canine behaviourist, Field & Rural Life.


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