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Name : Dr A B Hawkins
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Address : Charlotte House, 22 Charlotte Street
Telephone : 0117 925 1880
Fax : 0117 9273994
24 Hour : 07850 511808

Dr A Brian Hawkins PhD, DSc, FICE, FIMMM, FIHT, CEng, CGeol, Eur Ing

Brian Hawkins has been actively involved in engineering geology/geotechnical engineering for more than thirty years in an academic and practical role, both in the UK and abroad.

Appointed Reader in Engineering Geology at the University of Bristol in 1979, he supervised many PhD students and currently teaches in the Civil Engineering and Earth Science Departments. His particular research interests have been slope stability problems in engineering soils and engineering rocks and ground chemistry – particularly the development of ground sulphates.


Acting as consultant to many local authorities and public bodes and as Principle of H M Geotechnics, he has considerable practical experience especially with roads, tunnels and underground structures. He is frequently invited to lecture at Universities and International Conferences and to be involved in field visits, eg the Jinping Hydroelectric scheme in South West China.

Most recently much of his time has been involved with legal work – preparing Opinions and giving oral evidence at mediations, arbitrations and in both the Commercial and Crown Courts.

He is experienced in reviewing and evaluating documents and in formulating an independent assessment of the ground conditions and their implications for engineering works, based on both the information provided and field visits/discussions.

He has prepared numerous reports as a factual and expert witness and has been involved in negotiations with other expert witnesses in order to identify points which can be agreed and those which need to be resolved in court. Although such discussions have sometimes resulted in out-of-court settlements, he has provided oral evidence in legal proceedings in the UK and abroad.

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