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Name : Dr. Malcolm Vandenburg
Address : 26 Christchurch Hill
  Greater London
Post Code : NW3 1LG
Country : England
Telephone : 020 7435 9386
Expertise: Abnormal behaviour (Psychiatry)
Abnormal behaviour (Psychology)
Abnormal Insertion Injuries
Abnormal Sexual Behaviour
Accidental / unnatural death (Pathology)
Addictions / compulsions (Psychiatry)
Addictions / compulsions (Psychology)
Alcohol abuse (Psychiatry)
Alcohol abuse (Psychology)
Anxiety disorders / depression (Psychiatry)
Anxiety disorders / depression (Psychology)
Child Custody / Residence / Access / Contact
Children In Care / Care Proceedings
Clinical Negligence
Clinical Pharmacology
Criminal Behaviour
Criminal responsibility
Death Following Medical Treatment
Deaths In Custody Investigation
Divorce / Separation- Social / Legal Issues
DNA / Drug / Alcohol / Toxicology
Doping & Pharmacy
Drink Driving
Drug Costs / Prescriptions
Drug Effects / Reactions / Interactions
Drug Induced Automatism
Drug testing / drug abuse (Clinical Evidence)
Drugs / Substance Abuse And Driving
Effects On Behaviour/memory
Effects/side Effects
Epidemiology / Medical Statistics
Epilepsy / automatism
Epilepsy / Automatism
Erectile Dysfunction
Families And Mental Illness / Mental Disability
Family / Child / Elderly / Genealogy
Family / Child Issues / General
Forensic Pathology / Medicine
Forensic Psychology / Investigative Psychology
Forensic Toxicology
Genito/urinary Medicine / Surgery
Hospital Treatment Disputes
Human Sexuality
Illegal Drugs / Involuntary Ingestion
Illegal Drugs / Methods Of Abuse
Illegal Drugs / Passive Inhalation
Illegal Drugs And Prescription Medicines / General
Internal Medicine / Surgery
Medical / Health Care
Medical Accidents
Medical Competence / Negligence
Medical Disputes Fitness to work (Medical Disputes)
Medical Literature Searching
Medical Malpractice
Medical Technology / Pharmacology / General
Medicine (General)
Motor Vehicles / Road Traffic Accident
Occupational Stress
Pathology / Coroners
Personal Injury / Quantum
Personal Injury Causes
Pharmaceuticals Manufacture- Licensing / Quality Control
Pharmacology / Pharmacy
Prescribing / Dispensing Errors
Prescribing / Dispensing Errors
Psycho/sexual Problems
Stress Disorders- Psychiatry
Substance / drug abuse / addiction
Substance / drug abuse / addiction
Testing Blood/urine/hair
Therapeutic Misadventure
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