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Name : Dr. Thomas Walford - Expert Evidence International Limited
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Address : 36 Old Park Avenue
  Greater London
Telephone : +44 20 7884 1000
24 Hour : +44 7769 707020
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An experienced Expert Witness who has very wide experience in Private Banking, Investment Management issues and Wealth Management. Thomas has spent 17 years managing Private Banks and a total of 26 years in the city managing or advising clients on investment and their banking needs.

During recent years he has dealt with a multitude of client situations and resolved them to the satisfaction of the parties involved.

A specialist in dispute resolution with financial institutions and over the last few years and has been involved in the following cases with the following themes:

1) A portfolio which had been managed with an inappropriate risk profile and substantial costs had been incurred through investment in over risky assets.

2) Investment managers obligations in the provision of advice.

3) Investment managers obligations in execution of client instructions.

4) A reporting error in the quarterly valuations sent to the client, which showed a grossly inflated valuation.

5) Deduction for US income tax made when client had not completed appropriate documentation.

6) Investments which had been make which were inappropriate for the client.

7) Errors where limit orders had not been executed.

8) Substantial losses incurred through investments in future and options and open derivatives.

9) Errors in completion of repossession of property when a loan has gone into default.

Worldwide Experience
Worldwide Experience

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