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Name : Electric Cat
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Address : 2 Station Mews
  Old Station Drive, Cheltenham
Telephone : 0845 531 6176
Electric Cat Digital Forensic experts can provide detailed information to allow clients to ascertain whether an IT system has been subject to deliberate misuse or has been the target of an electronic attack. Sound evidence gathering and handling procedures form the core of our forensic methodology, in line with current ACPO guidelines. This ensures that there is no contamination of the original evidence and allows for independent and repeatable verification of the results.

In addition to computers, our forensic capability can also be applied to a myriad of other electronic devices including network equipment, external data storage, games consoles, geo enabled devices, mobile telephones, and personal digital assistants.

Our forensic experts can also be called upon as an expert witness as a Digital Forensic or Computer Forensic Expert

Our Digital Forensic experts have assisted clients with:

· Computer Forensics
· PC Forensics
· Mobile Device Forensics
· Mac Forensics
· Computer Investigation
· Computer Misuse
· Computer Crime
· Computer Forensic Consultancy

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