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Name : Fusion Forensics
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Address : Ameiva Point
  Quartremaine Road
Telephone : 01635 866678
Fax : 01635 860008

Forensic Mobile Services Ltd specialise in mobile network cell-site analysis, handset Usage Mapping, handset association, handset and SIM card reading for 2G and 3G Mobile networks and computer forensics.

We offer a range of additional services, all related to mobile telecommunications, which include information gathering and analysis of mobile telephone handsets and SIM cards and mobile network utilisation.

Forensic Mobile provide a unique and specialist service to clients such as the CPS , defence lawyers, police services, customs and excise and other authorities. Our combined team of experts have expertise in the mobile telecommunications industry, military and police service spanning nearly 100 years placing Forensic Mobile Services at the forefront of this sector of the digital forensics and mobile industry.
We are able to present information as paper or CD/DVD ROM, as well as PowerPoint presentations. All these techniques have been used to present information to Courts of Law and Juries, with the judicial system now using Microsoft PowerPoint as a support mechanism to jury packs

Mobile Phone & SIM/USIM Card Analysis Some of the most important information relating to the gathering and storage of evidence may be held within the memory a mobile phone, SIM (subscriber interface module) card or any other storage medium used by the present generation of sophisticated mobile phones. Forensic Mobile Services use some of the most up to date technology for reading the contents of mobile handsets and SIM cards and will present the gathered data in a forensically safe format. Some of the information that can be retrieved from mobile phones includes:

•         Last numbers dialled, received and missed

•         List of stored directories

•         SMS (short messaging service) Inbox, outbox and sent items. It may also be possible to retrieve some deleted texts

•         Images and photographs sent and received

We are also able to retrieve the Subscriber number, SIM card number, subscriber identity and the Handset number. This service is available for 2G, 2.5G and 3G handsets, SIM cards and 3G USIMs


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