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Name : Graham Dilloway
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Address : 39 Conham Hill
Telephone : 0117 947 7162
Fax : 0117 947 7162
24 Hour : 0797 332 4333
CV / Brochure : Download PDF Formatted CV
My expertise as an Expert Witness has come with many years of working with computers and the Internet.  I am a Member of The British Computer Society, The Academy of Experts, The Expert Witness Institute and of The Society of Expert Witnesses.

During a career of more than thirty years, I have learned all of the skills and knowledge needed to serve as an expert witness.  I am able to provide relevant and readable reports and my spoken testimony is compelling and devoid of jargon.

I have prepared reports for civil, criminal and employment cases and I have given evidence in court.

I began working with computers in 1971.  Computers have changed from the large inter-connected units of those days, each unit as big as a wardrobe, to the desktop machines of today.  Throughout these years of change it has been necessary for everyone in the computer business to learn new technology and skills.  I am well able to apply this experience to my work as an expert witness.

I have always worked in computer operations, the front-line, user-facing function of IT departments.  Everyone in business has had to adapt their working practices to accommodate computers and the rapid changes in the way that computer systems are used.  Many front-line computer staff have learnt communication skills to assist computer users and it is these skills that I use as an expert witness.

Large companies have large computer environments.  Significant expenditure is required to enhance, maintain and support these environments.  Managers will not authorise expenditure without evaluation reports, feasibility studies, cost benefit analyses and all manner of other documentation.  Computer technicians have learnt the report writing skills needed to produce these documents and the style of my writing is well suited to expert witness reports.

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