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Name : International Fire Consultants Ltd
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Address : 20 Park Street
  Princes Risborough
Telephone : +44(0)1844 275500
Fax : +44(0)1844 274002


International Fire Consultants Ltd (IFC) is a major force in the field of quality fire safety consultancy.

International Fire Consultants Ltd consists of qualified engineers, material experts and designers who have specialised in fire safety engineering.

International Fire Consultants Ltd. (IFC), established in 1985, is a multifaceted practice of fire engineers with a wide range of disciplines and expertise, drawn from government scientific establishments, the fire service, manufacturing industry, commercial testing laboratories and the construction sector.

IFC was established to provide a source of technical expertise in the field of Fire Safety Engineering. We are committed to the advancement of fire safety engineering and to this end are heavily involved in research and development projects as well as striving to standardise practices throughout the industry.

Expert Witness

International Fire Consultants Ltd. (IFC). consist of experts and are often called upon for preparatory legal, Legal and Expert Witness type work

IFC are currently advising as expert witnesses on a number of fire safety legal projects running, with claims of up to £10,000,000.

Should you have a particular case, we look forward to receiving your background briefing pack which should ideally include;

• Case objectives
• Rough background to the case
• Any relevant specifications, design correspondance, documentary evidence, test data
• Any of your company literature, technical details and claims
• Any relevant plaintiff or defendents literature, technical details and claims

As with any work undertaken by IFC be it legal, semi legal or not we will not be able to discuss information that we have received previously on a Private and Confidential basis. This pertains to all our work and appointments and should be the norm for any reputable professional practice.


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