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Name : Keith Borer Consultants
Address : Locard House, Belmont Business Park
  County Durham
Post Code : DH1 1TW
Country : England
Telephone : +44 (0)191 332 4999
Expertise: Accident scene reports / plans / photographs / videos
Armed forces / police activities (Accidents)
Audio / Video / Voice / Acoustics
Ballistics / Wound Ballistics
Blood Pattern Analysis
Cannabis Growing
Chemical Explosion / Fire Hazards
Chemical Hazards / Incidents
Chemical Warfare
Child Pornography
Children’s play area accidents (Personal Injury)
Clothing Damage Analysis
Computer / IT
Computer Crime
Computer Evidence
Computer File / Text Recovery
Computer Forensics
Computer Hardware / Firmware
Construction materials (Including Asbestos)
Control of substances hazardous to health
Criminal Investigations / Drugs / Fire / Marks & Traces
Data recovery (Computer Systems)
DNA / Drug / Alcohol / Toxicology
Document Alterations / additions / erasures
Documentary / Recorded Evidence
Documents Forensic Analysis
Drug Induced Automatism
Drugs / Substance Abuse And Driving
Effects On Behaviour/memory
Effects/side Effects
Emergency Vehicles Accidents
Erased Engine / Chassis Numbers
Event Reconstruction
Explosives traces (Evidence)
Facial Mapping / Comparison
Fibres / Hairs / Plant / Animal
Finger / Palm / Sole Print Identification
Fire / Arson / Explosion Investigation
Fire / explosion / chemical spills (Accident Causes)
Firearms Identification / Testing
Firearms residues (Evidence)
Fireworks / Pyrotechnics
Fitness to work (Personal Injury)
Footpath / Pavement Accidents
Footwear Marks / Impressions
Forensic Chemistry
Fork Lift Trucks
Glass / Paint Analysis
Hair Strand Analysis
Hairdressing / Beauty Treatment Accidents
Handling / Lifting Health And Safety
Handwriting / Signature Identification / Analysis
Handwriting impressions recovery (Esda / Indentation Discovery)
Hazard assessment (Health And Safety)
Hazards (Personal Injury Causes)
Heavy Haulage / Abnormal Loads
Highway Visibility
Highway weather factors
Human Contributory Factors In Accidents
Human Identification / Handwriting / Document / Footprint
Illegal Drugs / Involuntary Ingestion
Illegal Drugs / Methods Of Abuse
Illegal Drugs / Passive Inhalation
Illegal Drugs / Substances
Illegal Drugs And Prescription Medicines / General
Illegal Drugs Production
Industrial Chemicals / Solvents
Insecure Loads And Rtas
Instrument identification / Footwear /
Knots / Bindings / Ligatures / Identification
Lighting / Visibility Hazards
Manual Handling / Lifting
Mechanical Failure
Military Road Traffic Accidents
Motor Vehicle Paint / Bodywork
Motor Vehicles / Road Traffic Accident
Motorcycle Accidents
Multiple Vehicle / Motorway Accidents
Off/road Vehicles
Paints / Sealants / Adhesives / Inks / Coatings
Pedestrian Accidents
Personal Injury / Quantum
Personal Injury Causes
Personal Injury Photography
Photocomparison / E-fits
Police speed traps / radar
Protective equipment (Health And Safety)
Restraint Systems / Seat Belts / Helmets Effect
Road conditions / road surface
Road traffic accident investigation
Road Traffic Accident Reconstruction
Road traffic accidents (Personal Injury)
Road Vehicle Assessment
Road Vehicle Controls / Handling / Braking
Route Plotting
Safe Work Processes
Scenes Of Crime / Event Photography / Video /
Scenes Of Crime / Scientific Case Review
Skid marks
Soil / Mud Analysis
Speed assessment / analysis
Speedometer / odometer (Forensic Examination)
Stolen / Suspect Vehicle Examination
Tachograph Analysis
Testing Blood/urine/hair
Tool / Instrument / Weapon Marks / Impressions
Trace / Contact Evidence
Trace / Materials Analysis / Interpretation
Traffic Signals / Roadway Lighting
Tyre / Wheel Problems
Tyres / wheels effect
Tyres and wheels (Forensic Examination)
Vehicle / Animal Collisions
Vehicle / Cyclist Collisions
Vehicle / Pedestrian Collisions
Vehicle braking
Vehicle components (Forensic Examination)
Vehicle Engine Maintenance / Repair
Vehicle Fire / Explosion
Vehicle handling / stability
Vehicle impact / collision studies
Vehicle roll/over / jack/knifing
Vehicle Safety / Stability
Vibration Hazards
Weapons Analysis / Identification
Weapons/ Knives / Firearms
Workplace Hazards
Www / Internet
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