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Name : Moonlight Environmental Ltd
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Address : 94 Harbour Way
Telephone : 01303 210004
We are an established though unique environmental health consultancy business.  Our consultants are top professionals in their fields, experienced in enforcement, industry and academia.

A Scientific and Legal Consultancy specialising in acoustics, food hygiene, food safety, health and safety, and training services. We can help you create safer food products and safer working environments by choosing confidential advice and consultancy.

Environmental health legislation is constantly changing.  This poses a major challenge to business.  Keeping public and staff safe, be it via the food you make or the business you operate, can also be a daunting prospect.  Obtaining the right expertise to implement and maintain systems is the key to success.  It allows your business to move forward with confidence.

Moonlight Environmental Ltd already has an excellent track record in assisting businesses and other organisations realise these aspirations.

Noise problems can cause nuisance as well as injury to health.  Legal requirements are set out in environmental protection and health and safety legislation.  In addition to the application of criminal law, those suffering can claim using civil law.

All our consultants are qualified by the Institute of Acoustics and carry out acoustic surveys using state of the art equipment.  This enables broad band, octave and third octave band analysis to help understand the character of the noise and assists in determining appropriate attenuation measures.

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