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Name : Nationwide Expert Witness Service
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Address : 68 Carden Place
Telephone : 01224 636002
Fax : 01224 636003

Nationwide Expert Witness Service is a market leader in the provision of investigatory and preparatory work in both civil litigation and criminal matters.

N.E.W.S is a gateway service to the legal profession and insurers, and boasts a comprehensive range of investigators and experts who will assist your firm anywhere in the U.K.

Our staff have more than 300 years cumulative investigative experience in dealing with criminal and civil matters. Our breadth of experience, in relation to both criminal and civil incidents, is without comparison in the U.K. We have investigated a wide range of accidents and offshore incidents, including Piper Alpha, Cormorant Alpha and MFV Sapphire, as well as a wide variety of civil claims arising from negligence and criminal acts or omissions.

We provide a wide range of services to the legal profession across The United Kingdom, with offices in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Over the last few years, we have provided them with thousands of expert reports on a wide range of subjects, including the following:

Drugs and drug trafficking

Digital, audio and video enhancement

Handwriting and document examination

Computer forensics, phone and SIM card analysis

Road traffic crash investigation & re-construction


Forensic accounting

Fire & explosion investigation

Conflict management

Offshore and subsea incidents

Civil precognition

Medico-Legal specialisms

Crime Scene Investigation (DNA etc)


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