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Name : Psychiatrists Expert Psych Reports
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Address : Dr Pradhan, Expert Psychiatrist
  PO Box 12711
  West Midlands
Telephone : 0845 838 1715
Fax : 0121 535 7114
24 Hour : 07973198066

Short Waiting times for appointments and Swift report completion. Nationwide.

Member of Society of Expert Witnesses, Sweet & Maxwell Checked, Medico-legal Society, Expert Witness Institute, Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, British Medical Association, Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK.

I have provided several hundred medico legal reports for a variety of reasons including post injury compensation, child protection matters and occupational health assessments including Disability Discrimination Act assessments.

I have been preparing medico legal reports for the assistance of the Civil Courts since 1999 These reports have been for the purpose of Child care proceedings covering a wide range of issues including parental assessments. Personal injury cases and patients with post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety / depression.

I have been instructed by some of the largest law firms in the UK and completed a significant number of reports in highly complex and high profile VHCC cases.

Working in the inner city area of Birmingham I am often asked to provide expert witness reports in complex child care proceedings. I am regularly instructed by local councils across the country to prepare reports.

I normally assess patients at my consulting rooms in Birmingham and I also travel NATIONWIDE to assess clients. Reports are normally completed one week after appointment.


  • Employment Tribunals / Disability Discrimination Act
  • Trauma Sequelae (Psychiatry including Personal Injury)
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Psychiatry)
  • Psychosomatic Disorders/ Munchausen / Malingering
  • - fraudulent simulation or exaggeration of symptoms assessments
  • Munchausen by proxy
  • Psychiatric Assessment
  • Psychopathology / Psychiatric Disorders
  • Anxiety Disorders / Depression
  • Psychiatric Injury
  • Medical Negligence

  • Victims of Abuse


  • Child contact and custody cases
  • Parental Psychiatric assessments
  • Risk Assessments / Domestic Violence


  • Personality Disorders/Psychoses
  • Criminal Responsibility (Psychiatric Assessment)
  • Fitness To Plead (Psychiatric Assessment)
  • Dangerousness/Risk Assessment (Psychiatric)
  • Violence/Self Harm/Suicide
  • Criminal Behaviour
  • Offender Assessment (Psychiatric)
  • Witness Assessment/Testamentary Capacity
  • Abnormal Behaviour (Psychiatric Assessment)
  • Mental Disorder (Psychiatric Assessment)
  • Psychiatric Care
  • Psychiatric Rehabilitation
  • Rape / Sexual abuse
  • Crime Victims (psychiatry) Torture Victims (psychiatry)


  • Asylum Seeker Psychiatric assessments

  • Working alongside N & S Consultants which is now a fully fledged Medico-legal Practice in Psychiatry we are able to deliver psychiatric expertise across all areas of Psychiatry with our panel of 24 Consultant Psychiatrists
    Contact us today for 3 or more CV's and estimate directly on : 07973 198 066

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