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Name : The Hampden Consultancy
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Address : 84 High Street
Telephone : 01494 868868
Fax : 01494 866775
24 Hour : 07768497005
Bob Swayne formed The Hampden Consultancy in 1993 utilising the skills and expertise he had gained from the previous 25 years working for both consulting and contracting firms, dealing with all aspects of mechanical & electrical engineering services on a wide range of projects, located both in the UK and overseas.

Since setting up the practice he has carried out a wide variety of commissions, including undertaking detailed investigations of existing mechanical & electrical engineering services installations, preparing expert reports and providing advice to clients and their legal representatives in respect to technical and contractual aspects related to mechanical & electrical engineering services, including issues concerning the maintenance of such installations.

He can act as an independent single expert for either the claimant or the defendant in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules and has given oral evidence in court. Where required, either as a result of an agreement between the parties in a dispute, or at the direction of a Court under rule 35.7 of the Civil Procedure Rules, he is also able to act as a Single Joint Expert.

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