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Name : UNLOCK (The National Association of Reformed Offenders)
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Address : 35a High Street
Telephone : 01634 247350
Fax : 01634 247351
Registered No.: 1079046
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UNLOCK is an independent charity and membership organisation aiming to achieve equality for people with previous convictions and a society in which people with previous convictions are able to fulfil their positive potential through equal opportunities, rights and responsibilities

While no one knows exactly how many ex-offenders are living in the UK today, the Government Offender Index currently holds records on 8 million people. That equates to one quarter of the UK working population.

UNLOCK is a registered charity, governed by a Board of Trustees, and funded by charitable organisations and individual donations. It is a unique organisation founded in 1999 by a group of reformed offenders, each of whom, in their own way, successfully rebuilt their lives after serving prison sentences. They claimed no accolade for this, but they rightly claimed experience of the great difficulties faced by those coming out of prison. They have had first hand experience of the many problems faced by reformed offenders; especially those who genuinely want to "go straight" in a society which always finds it hard to forgive and forget.

UNLOCK is led by its Chief Executive, Bobby Cummines, who served 13 years in prison for serious offences. He is one of the most widely recognised and passionate advocates of penal reform in the UK, advising Government and the Judiciary and regularly appearing in the media.

UNLOCK advises former offenders in prison and the community supporting them in their decision to become productive members of their communities.

UNLOCK gives a voice to those who are voiceless. We do this by utilising our personal experiences of crime and custody to inform political debate, positively influence policies, and educate the public that assisting ex-offenders to reintegrate back into society is in the best interests of everyone.

This is also done through the UNLOCK Forum, which is an online community for individuals who have previous convictions and who are members of UNLOCK.
This provides individuals with an opportunity to share experiences and also support one another against the discrimination that reformed offenders face in society.

UNLOCK aims to overcome the social exclusion of ex-offenders, thus helping to break the cycle of re-offending and benefit society as a whole.



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