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Name : Allen Morgan Associates
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Address : Drug, Cannabis Cultivation & POCA Expert Witness
  East Devon Business Centre, Heathpark
Telephone : 01404 44459
Fax : 01404 44465
24 Hour : 07725 915380
Allen Morgan Associates are leading providers of provide expert evidence in drug trafficking cases. Our unique profile with extensive experience in the drugs field allows us to comment authoritatively to challenge evidence that is unfounded or inaccurate.

We are frequently called upon to comment upon cases involving:
  • Cannabis cultivation - yield, valuations and whether a set-up is 'commercial'.
  • Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) - Challenging Benefit Figures.
  • Drug Purities - Identifications of illicit drugs and purities.
  • Drug Valuations - Accurate valuations of illicit drugs at differing levels.
  • Drug Consumption - Assessing whether quantities are consistent with personal use.
  • "Dealer's Lists" - Interpretation of documents and text messages to assess whether drug-related.
We are experts at what we do and in recent years have significantly reduced POCA benefit figures, drug valuations and cannabis yield estimates in hundreds of cases across the UK.

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