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Name : pbforensics
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Address : Leatherhead
Telephone : 01372 453549 / 236351
Fax : 08445 862892
24 Hour : 07732 276208

pbforensics specialises in forensic science relating to drugs of abuse, cannabis cultivation, illicit laboratories, drugs on money, proceeds of crime, illicit tableting operations, drug misuse, counter-terrorism, improvised explosives and serious orgainsed crime.  We undertake work both in the UK and overseas.We have developed a number of relationships with other forensic suppliers and technology companies so that we can also offer a range of other forensic services in order to offer clients a complete end to end solution to forensic issues.  We can undertake case reviews in order to be able to identify new areas for possible  investigation that may lead to new evidence.

At pbforensics we work closely with you to identify the requirements of each case and ensure that you get the right answers.  We have earned a reputation for being responsive and passionate about the work we do and you can be confident that we will provide the best specialist expertise in each case.We always endeavour to exceed our customers expectations  and always uphold the highest standards of professional service.  We work hard to earn the respect and trust of clients and are always realistic about what can and cannot be achieved.  

pbforensics  provides independent, impartial advice on drugs of abuse and forensic chemistry for both the prosecution and defence. We have aresults driven approach which is founded on our responsiveness to the client's needs and an unyielding focus on delivery of results. With over 30 years of forensic casework and experience in over 9000 cases both in the UK and overseas you can be sure of the best advice available.

We place our clients and their needs as the main priority in all that we do. We provide totally independent and impartial advice which can be used in court. 

We also have a wide range of contacts for consultancy in many other areas of forensic work - please call for free consultation or advice. 

We specialise in the following areas of work both in the UK and overseas:

  • Analysis of drugs of abuse
  • Drug trafficking offences
  • Drug production / tabletting
  • Drug detection systems
  • Drug traces
  • Drug traces on banknotes
  • Drug Comparisons
  • Country of origin of drugs
  • Illicit drug laboratories
  • Cannabis grow rooms and cannabis production
  • Drugs training and education
  • Examination of vehicles, boats and premises
  • Drug misuse
  • Serious Organised Crime
  • Counter terrorism and improvised explosive devices
  • Asymmetric threat analysis
  • Multiple threat analysis

Peter Bottomley, head of pbforensics,  is a member of the Forensic Science Society,  a Fellow of the Royal Society of Public Health, a Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, a Chartered Chemist, a Chartered Scientist, and is registered as a European Chemist  (EurChem).

He is also a registered expert with the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA).


He has served as a member of two United Nations Expert Groups, firstly on the analytical chemistry of drug abuse in Vienna and then on the Pre-trial destruction of seized narcotics, precursors and essential chemicals in Bangkok.


He has also worked as a consultant to the U.N. Drugs Control Programme (UNDCP) in Vienna and in New Delhi, India, on the first stage of the introduction of a National Quality Assurance system for India.

He is currently serving as a short-term expert (STE) to the Forensic Laboratories Department (FLD) in Amman, Jordan working to strengthen the capacity and ability to counter terrorism and serious organised crime in line with EU and international standards.


He has over 30 years forensic experience and was previously Head of Forensic Drugs at LGC Ltd.  


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