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Name : BioMark Forensics Ltd
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Address : PO Box 3538
Telephone : 01753 583682
Fax : 01753 583684

BioMark Forensics undertakes the examination of forensic evidence for the legal profession, primarily in criminal defence cases.

Our Experts have many years' experience in their respective fields, and have prepared detailed reports and have given Expert advice and testimony at Court in numerous cases.

We are also members of various professional organisations and have been vetted by Expert Witness bodies relevant to each Expert's individual field of expertise, including The Forensic Science Society, The International Association for Identification and the UK Register of Expert Witnesses.

On receipt of relevant information we are happy to provide detailed quotes, which typically include the Expert's CV and list of 'dates to avoid'. Our hourly rates are kept within the amounts permitted in 'Schedule 6 of The Criminal Defence Service (Funding) (Amendment) Order 2011'.

Our Experts include:

  • Mrs. Nikki Smith: Fingerprint Expert & Crime Scene Examiner
  • Mrs. Victoria Jenkins,BSc(Hons) CBiol MIBiol: Forensic Pharmacologist & Toxicologist
  • Mrs. Deborah Weeks, BSc(Hons): Forensic Chemist
  • Dr. Sara Short, BSc(Hons) PhD MAE MFSSOC: Forensic Biologist
  • Mr. Robert Butler, IEng MIIE(elec): Forensic Audio, Video & Imagery Expert
  • Mr. Martin Barry, MA MPhil: Forensic Speech Analyst
  • Mr. Ray Jenkins, BSc MSc: Forensic Chemist

Please contact our Case Manager, Mrs. Nikki Smith, with all new and current casework enquiries. 

In case you have not worked with us before, the following is just a small selection of comments received from Solicitors who have instructed us in their cases:

"We are most grateful indeed for your prompt service and high level of professionalism that you always show this firm. We cannot thank you enough."

"Mr. ***** was acquitted yesterday of both charges [Murder and Manslaughter] and is now a free man again. The reports I am sure played a large part in securing the acquittal."

"Counsel asked I pass on to you that in his experience your report is one of the most thorough and well laid out he has seen in a long time. Once again thank you for your report."

"You were kind enough to prepare a report and give evidence before ***** Crown Court. After a short deliberation the jury found Mr. ***** Not Guilty. On behalf of ourselves and our Client thank you for your valuable input in those proceedings."

"Thank you for your hard work turning around the report in such a short space of time. I am pleased to confirm the case against our Client was dismissed. We served your report on the Crown who I am sure felt their case considerably weakened from that point."

The CPS have reveiwed your report and have taken the sensible decision to discontinue these proceedings. Thank you for your assistance and your very helpful report." 


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