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Making Sense of Sentencing

Criminal justice system

ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers)

Crown Prosecution Service

National Probation Service

HM Prison Service

Law Officers

Law Commission

Bar Council

The Criminal Bar Association (represents the views of the practising members of the criminal bar, England & Wales)

Law Society

Criminal Law Solicitors' Association



Sentencing Guidelines (contains judgments)

The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting (contains judgments)

Ministry of Justice

Research and Statistics

Youth Justice Board

Judiciary of England and Wales

About Magistrates

The Magistrates' Association

The money laundering consultancy (contains judgments)

Magistrates' Court example sentences

HM Inspectorate of Court Administration

Judicial Studies Board

Justices' Clerks Society

HM Court Service (contains judgments)

The Office of Fair Trading

World Legal Information Institute (contains judgments)

Commonwealth Legal Information Institute (contains judgments)

British and Irish Legal Information Institute (contains judgments)

Casetrack (contains judgments)

House of Lords
(contains judgments)

Sydney NSW Caselaw (contains judgments)

Victoria Sentencing Commission - Australia

The Office of Justice Programs

Virginia Criminal Sentencing Commission

Delaware Sentencing Accountability Commission

Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines Commission

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