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Name : CSI 4 A Day training
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Address : The Old Coal Yard
  Little Waltham Road
Telephone : 01245 445055
Fax : 01376 322518
24 Hour : 07974 940265
CSI 4 A Day is a great way to learn about Crime Scene Forensic investigation, whether you are a law professional seeking continued professional development (CPD) hours or someone just wanting a fun activity or a motivating team building day. You will be taught by experienced professional Crime Scene Investigators.The company provides:
  • Crime scene analysis
  • Crime scene reconstruction
  • Evidence recovery
  • Assessment of forensic evidence
  • Fingerprint recovery techniques
  • Fingerprint expertise
  • Presentation of evidence
A training day commences in the CSI major incident briefing room where you will be a member of a CSI team. You will be briefed about the crime, issued with full forensic protective clothing, CSI kit and after brief tuition, you will enter the crime scene and recover evidence using forensic techniques.

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