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Name : Cabrini Children's Society
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Address : 49 Russell Hill Road
Telephone : 020 8668 2181
Fax : 020 8763 2274
Registered No.: 233296
The Society was established in 1887 and, over the years, we have adapted our services to offer a flexible and responsive approach to the changing needs of communities.

Today our work is focused on the following areas:

  • Finding, preparing and supporting families for children who need to be adopted or fostered
  • Supporting people who have been adopted or were in our care homes to access their records and, if required, facilitate reunions
  • Providing flexible, affordable and accessible support and services to a diverse range of communities through our long standing neighbourhood projects
  • Providing a home for adults with learning disabilities 
  • Supporting schools by providing counselling for students and support and training for teachers
  • Offering personalised catechetical programmes to children and adults with learning disabilities
Our name Cabrini is inspired by Francesca Xavier Cabrini the Patron Saint of Immigrants who, in the early 1900’s, dedicated her life to helping children.  Mother Cabrini established over 60 orphanages and left a legacy of healing, teaching and caring all around the world.

Whilst the name ‘Cabrini’ is new to us, our fundamental values and ethos remain the same.  We are known and respected for providing quality services and offering long term and enduring commitment to the communities and individuals we serve.  We are friendly, approachable and welcoming to people from all walks of life.

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