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Name : IDMU Ltd - Independent Drug Monitoring Unit
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Address : 100 Park Road,
Telephone : 01942 522946
Fax : 01942 204158
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The Independent Drug Monitoring Unit - IDMU Ltd is an expert witness company, conducting large scale drug user surveys throughout the UK and on the internet,

We collect data on drug prices, and other drugs information: consumption patterns of drugs, medicinal use of drugs, and are uniquely positioned to be able to comment in cases involving drugs on:

  • Valuation of ALL types of illegal drugs; cannabis, powders and pills.
  • Effects - driving, drugs in the workplace, drugs and behaviour
  • Cannabis cultivation - yield, valuation and consumption
  • Market analyses.

We deal with many cases in Law every day in the Crown Courts, acting as Expert Witnesses for charges such as, PWI, DWUDD, POCA and others.

Drug Prices are based upon our own unique annual drug user survey, which has been used as a basis for our expert evidence in over 2000 cases over the last 10 years.


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