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Name : Keith Parsons Enquiry Agency
Web :
Email : Contact
Address : 215 Gazette Buildings, 168 Corporation Street
  West Midlands
Telephone : 0121 200 1966
Fax : 0121 200 1802
24 Hour : 07808 741048

We are UK based Private Investigators to the legal profession, business & commerce and the general public.

Formed 30 years ago, we are able to offer a wealth of experience in all aspectsof enquiry agency work. A discreet, confidential and professional service to private and corporate customers alike.

We have been fortunate enough to work with many of the major law firms across the Uk, achieving some great results along the way. 

We offer a wide range of services to the legal professions including...


Nationwide Tracing

If you need to track down a debtor then we can help you. We offer a fast and efficient tracing service with a no risk, guaranteed – ‘No Trace No fee’ policy and a ‘Try before you Buy’ policy. 


Process Serving

If you have legal papers such as statutory demands, bankruptcy petitions, anti social behaviour orders that require serving then look no further. Our experienced agents will get the job done for a fixed fee, usually within 24 hours. 


Road Traffic Investigations

We will assist you or your client with a detailed and thorough investigation into a Road Traffic Accident. We will provide digital photographs, detailed sketch plan, measurements and can also take statements. 


Interviewing Witnesses

If you need to interview or take a statement in either a civil or criminal case allow us to help you get the right result. The founder of the agency, Keith Parsons conducts most of our interviews as his experience will be invaluable to your case. 


Video Surveillance

When you need to know for sure, we’ll get the footage you require including video surveillance for personal injury investigations, long term sickness, insurance claims and indeed any request where video evidence is a requirement. 


Stautus Reports

The status or financial information for an individual or a credit search of a business can be completed within 24 hours so if you need to find out if your debtor is credit worthy please give us a call. 



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