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Name : SIP Services International Limited
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Address : 29th Floor
  One Canada Square, Canary Wharf
  Greater London
Telephone : +44 (0)207 148 6060
Fax : +44 (0) 700 601 1109
SIP Services International Limited cover all aspects of security, whether you need Counter Electronic Surveillance (Debugging), IT Forensics & Network Security, Close Protection, Covert Surveillance Equipment, Long Range Mobile Aerial CCTV Vehicles or Hi-Tec Integrated Security Solutions.

IT Security & Forensics
In December 2007, MI5 released to the UK business leaders, including Banks, Financial Institutions, Accountants and Legal Firms etc, a warning of ‘electronic espionage attack’ by ‘a Chinese State and Russian Organisations’. Such attacks are IT related but could also involve interception of telecommunications.

We also acknowledge you have your own in-house IT security specialists but it is often advisable to have an independent evaluation in the interest of long term security.

SIP conduct comprehensive IT security audits, including network infrastructure, systems servers operated, third party access, exchange (email), work station/laptop security, penetration test, as well as other areas which may be appropriate once we have made an evaluation of your IT system. SIP’s IT personnel have security clearance and are either ex- GCHQ, NATO, New Scotland Yard Computer Crime Department or other similar body. They are experienced in identifying email and IT security weaknesses as well as any former breaches of security that may have occurred.

SIP’s Forensics Recovery techniques safeguard the integrity of potential evidence to the highest judicial standards.

Evidence recovered in this form has proved invaluable to a number of our clients. Whether looking for evidence in a criminal prosecution, civil action or simply determining an employee’s activities. This is not a new science to our consultants who have been providing this service to Police Forces for the last fifteen years and have, by necessity, worked to the highest standards. Analysis of systems and the recovery of deleted files can reveal the following type of information:

    Web sites visited.
    Whether sensitive files have been transferred.
    When files were last accessed.
    Whether any efforts have been made to add, alter, delete or conceal potential evidence.

Practises and methodology have been preferred over this period of time and include:

    On-site seizure and preservation of data.
    Analysis and investigation of data.
    Advice on the preparation requests for discovery/disclosure.

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