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Name : TMC Assist
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Address : Haywood Suite, Beta House
  Culpepper Close, Rochester
Telephone : 01634 731 310
Fax : 01634 295 593
24 Hour : 0789 4097946
Whatever the cause.
Whatever the outcome.
Whatever was involved.....

We can investigate it for you....

Accident Investigation

Investigate all accidents involving your company vehicles.

Prepare independent reports to assist your insurance companies. This includes attendance at the scene of serious collisions, as required

Obtain witness statements and physical evidence on your behalfby your operator license.

Scale Plans

Part of a thorough investigation (the only type we do!) is a scale plan of the scene.

Sometimes the police provide these. However, we can produce accurate scene plans, whether a road, junction or site.

These plans can, for example, be used to explain and display lines of site - something very important and often viewed from the eyes of a car driver - not those of a lorry or coach driver.

Tyre ExaminationVehicle Examinations

Examine vehicles for defects, damage and pattern analysis

Examine third party vehicles and evidence for authenticity and weaknesses

Examine tachograph charts, digital data, provide forensic evidence of any fraudulent claims and provide route traces.

This does NOT just apply to commercial vehicles, but to all types of vehicles.

Insurance Claims Handling

The claims handling of a number of our clients before TMC's involvement were such that these hauliers were suffering additional financial losses and penalties as a result of the number of claims made which were accepted by the insurance companies as being 'own fault' which in turn, increased their premiums whilst at the same time, uninsured losses were mounting. Since TMC's involvement, we have been able to reverse this situation to the extent where one company had an £80,000 reduction on their insurance premium alone. In addition with the same company, TMC have to-date, recovered in excess of £40,000 of their uninsured losses.

By acting as the link between client, solicitors, insurers and third parties, we can mediate and where appropriate, dispute many claims resulting in the withdrawal of claims, settling at 50/50 or, reducing the amounts of claims to the extent that claims histories can be reduced which in turn, reduce premiums.

Initial claims handling can be done through the faxing of details upon receipt of which, appropriate forms are completed and insurers informed. Where necessary, our consultants can attend to take full witness statements, carry out an accident investigation/reconstruction, tachograph analysis, site (locus) and if required, the taking of photographs to assist the insurers or client in any dispute.

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