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Name : Workplace Environment Solutions (WES) Ltd
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Address : 69 Manchester Road
Telephone : 07789 276 670
24 Hour : 07799 036 499
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Workplace Environment Solutions (WES) Ltd was established in 2004 by Martin Stear and Tracey Boyle , who are the joint Directors and Principal Consultant Occupational Hygienists within the company. Both have over 25 years’ occupational hygiene experience and are fully qualified Occupational Hygienists, each holding (amongst other qualifications) the BOHS Diploma of Professional Competence in Occupational Hygiene, the highest professional qualification in occupational hygiene.

WES also has a network of similarly qualified specialists who are each highly qualified and recognised experts in the field of occupational hygiene. WES use these associates for larger projects and where necessary to ensure work is completed in a timely manner.

WES has assisted small companies to large multi-national organisations with compliance with legislation, the assessment and control of exposure, the investiagtion of ill health and workplace incidents. We have also acted as expected witnesses for civil litigation (acting for claimants and defendants) and criminal prosecution.'

Our HSE background means that you can rely on our appropriate technical knowledge, experience and qualifications to enable us to act as scientific expert witnesses in cases relating to a broad range of occupational health issues.

We have provided expert witness evidence for civil litigation acting for claimants and defendants, and this experience combined with good communications skills means that WES can deliver an objective and competent expert witness service. WES has also acted as expert witnesses in relation to criminal prosecutions

We specialise in occupational disease cases (including those relating to asbestos), poor asbestos surveying, uncontrolled disturbance of asbestos and asbestos contamination.

Recent examples of cases include.

1) Tracey has acted as an expert witness in a case of poor surveying, where several hundred buildings were surveyed but ACMs were routinely missed. Tracey was able to show the significance of the missed ACMs (i.e. number and type) in the context of current legislation, guidance and good practice.

2) Martin acted as an expert for a school that suffered extensive contamination following building works; investigating and demonstrating the extent and significance of the contamination (Briggs & Forrester Electrical Ltd v Southfield School for Girls).

3) Tracey provided expert advice in relation to a case where a significant amount of asbestos insulating board was missed. It was only discovered by the contractors once the demolition of the building had taken place. Tracey's expert evidence was key in the clamiant's successful action against the surveyor.

4)Martin was the defence expert in the successful defence of the BBC in respect of a claim of negligent exposure to asbestos causative in the development of mesothelioma. The claimant was employed as a Technical Assistant with BBC towards the end of the 1960s. Martin’s report was able to show that, although asbestos containing materials were present in the claimant’s place of work, there was no evidence that any exposure, as result of disturbance, caused any significant contribution to his lifetime risk.

5) Martin & Tracey have advised dutyholders where enforcement/prosecution has been taken in respect of alleged non-compliance with asbestos legislation.



Martin Stear  07789 276 670

Tracey Boyle 07799 036 499


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