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Access To Justice - Civil Litigation Funding
Title Access To Justice - Civil Litigation Funding
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Author Fraud Consultants UK
Date September 22, 2010
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Access To Justice - Civil Litigation Funding

Civil Litigation can be extremely expensive and for clients who have already suffered substantial loss, financing litigation is even more of a problem. Litigation funding is an alternative solution for individuals and companies who wish to pursue litigation and is arranged on a case specific basis. The costs of the litigation are met by the advisor - the funding provider - who will recoup their costs only if the litigation is successful by retaining an agreed percentage of the money awarded by the court. A reputable firm will clearly discuss the rules of engagement with a client before taking on the case, and all fees and charges should be disclosed up front. If the litigation is not successful, the client does not have to pay a penny towards the costs. Litigation funding therefore means that, as the claimant, the victim of fraud or professional negligence can seek to recoup their losses without the risk of being burdened with high legal costs.

Once a case is taken on the costs of pursuing the action is paid for. This means that a team of solicitors, barristers and experts will be assembled to fight the case, for which the funding provider will pay all associated costs.


  • Initial confidential review of the case.
  • Opinion of solicitors and counsel who would advise on the likelihood of success.
  • The amount to be retained from the money awarded in the action will vary and will depend on a number of factors including the amount of recoverable sums and the complexity of the case.

  • If you've been the victim of fraud or would like to see if you have a claim for professional negligence contact a specialist who will consider taking on your case on this basis.

    This article was written by Darren Jones, an experienced investigator who has over 20 years experience in the police service, and is the director of Fraud Consultants UK Ltd.

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