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Pre-Sentence Reports - Crown & Magistrates Courts

Pre-Sentence Reports - Crown & Magistrates Courts

Preparing Reports for the Court

When deciding what sentence to impose, magistrates and judges have to take account of both the facts of the case and the circumstances of the offender. To help them, they may ask the Probation Service to produce a report about the offender.

Some reports can be prepared on the day by court officers. These reports are for cases already known to the probation service, or if the case is straightforward (this includes 'Oral' and 'Fast Delivery' reports).

Others require a fuller assessment carried out by a probation officer who works in the community (known as 'Standard Delivery Reports').

The type of report will depend on the level of complexity of the case and the level of risk assessment that is required. Interviewing offenders is a vital part of report preparation.

See. Criminal Justice Act 2003 s.156 Pre-sentence reports and other requirements