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  Information on the Details and Events recorded under the listed Southwark Crown Court case  Crown Court List Glossary
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Southwark Crown Court 8 T20187180
mohammed idris
For Pre-Trial Review - Case Started - 11:07
Southwark Crown Court 7 T20200101
roy ebenezer luwolt
Plea and Trial Preparation - Case Started - 11:11
Southwark Crown Court 6 T20190528
vernon fevrier
For Mention - Case Started - 11:08
Southwark Crown Court 7 T20200127
colin connor
Plea and Trial Preparation - Case Started - 10:51
Southwark Crown Court 6 T20190524
kenny onyeuma
For Mention - Case Started - 10:45
Southwark Crown Court 5 S20190388
elie joseph taktouk
For Application - Case Started - 10:47
For Application - Case to be listed for Sentence on 13-Jul-2020 - 11:15
Southwark Crown Court 8 T20207105
alae alaouidouri
- No Information To Display -
Southwark Crown Court 7 T20200163
john goddard
Plea and Trial Preparation - Case Started - 10:19
Southwark Crown Court 8 T20200026
michael tadesse
- No Information To Display -
Custody Time Limit application - Hearing finished for MICHAEL TADESSE - 10:14
Southwark Crown Court 6 T20207088
lamin sanyang
- No Information To Display -