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Re:Updates of Website     (Posted on: 2011-01-12 14:21:10)

The sentences database is updated daily and revisited at the end of each month. The database contains a wide range of cases and many cases remain unreported anywhere else, however it is not yet comprehensive although we are working towards this. The aim of the website is to assist the business community and the public with access to justice and provide insight and information for users of legal service providers.

You can use the website to see who was instructed in a case to help pinpoint an experienced professional for your matter whether you are a public user or a legal professional. We publish court lists, criminal sentences and notable litigation cases linked to solicitors and chambers profiles for this purpose.

Feedback from our public users shows that the database is also used as a guide to sentences that are being handed down for offences and to view a more detailed, unbiased breakdown of the case.

That said, if you have the case name you are looking for (07/01/2011) we will be able to provide you with the result (if there are no reporting restrictions on that case).

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Updates of Website     (Posted on: 2011-01-12 12:47:59)

Does anyone know how often the sentance details are updated.  I\'m trying to find someone that was sentanced on 7th Jan 2011 and it isn\'t on there eventhough there are others from that date on.


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