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Re:recent case in gloucester or cheltenham

Re:recent case in gloucester or cheltenham     (Posted on: 2019-11-28 13:16:46)

If the case is active or recently concluded (6 months), the court will usually provide the details/results of the hearing where there are no reporting restrictions and it was heard in open court/public. Under the Criminal Proceedure Rules the courts must supply certain details on request from a member of the public or media (in court or by phone).

You can order a transcript of the whole or part of the hearing you are interested in (eg. Sentencing Remarks) subject to reporting restrictions and the availability of a recording of the hearing. There is a fee (calculated on the hearing length/word count) See. https://www.gov.uk/apply-transcript-court-tribunal-hearing

The police may also provide disclosure (under schemes designed to protect children and against domestic violence) where applicable.
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