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Is it possible to appeal a case after Aspergers diagnosis?

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Is it possible to appeal a case after Aspergers diagnosis?     (Posted on: 2020-01-20 21:06:35)

Hi, a friend of mine has two ongoing trials for something minor. He has aspergers disorder and also ongoing anxiety issues. Due to this he often couldnt face attending court or probation appointments and missed them. He ended up getting a suspended sentence for breach of his bail conditions on one of the trials and as a result was placed on an electronic tag. He also was found automatically guilty of the other crime due to not turning up in court. The courts and his solicitor were unaware of his aspergers at the time. They have now been made aware of it and his sentencing and outstanding trail is on hold whilst he has a psychiatric assessment. Two questions, firstly if the psychiatric assessment provides the diagnosis and information required, will the case he was found guilty for be re trialed with support in place for him to attend this time? Or will he still be sentenced and have to appeal? Secondly he is still on the electronic tag and has been for around 8 months now due to the case being delayed. Is there a way he can have it removed as the case is delayed for at least another 3 months and also he only breached the bail condition due to his condition at the time anyway? It\'s causing him a lot of additional anxiety and impacting on his work and also he has a newborn baby who he cant help overnight with etc. Many Thanks 

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