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Re:Corruption of the Family CourtsCorruption of the Family Courts

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Re:Corruption of the Family Courts     (Posted on: 2022-09-09 10:35:53)

As it comes to courts- it\'s the same world over, it\'s \"them\" (on the other side of the fence) that \"know the best\" for what who can and may be told, as well as NOT told or allowed to speak about.

Unfortunately, from your writing style, you are emotional, hence might give an impression to anyone to be classed- he better don\'t know the full picture of what was happening and what records they actually have.
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Corruption of the Family Courts     (Posted on: 2022-02-17 13:38:52)

I need some legal advice and help.

In 2010, I was called by USA intelligence warning my family would be targeted and groomed by unlawful and organised individuals.

I was told my wife would be groomed online leading to a forum post how to remove spouse from house without comeback leading to a pre-planned and pre0mediated family court hearing leading to the family being split by indirect letters by a named court guardian and a named Doctor. The family would then be groomed to the USA.

The children would be groomed into roles to further business interests and influence.

A significant sum of money would be given to the mothers family in the USA and there would be a personal connection to me. This money would be used for the family in the USA to purchase real estate in a rual part of the USA where there are corupt police who are bribed to look the other way.

All attempts by extradition to locate the family would fail to locate them.

The children become isolatd in the USA and are groomed into roles.

The children are never seen again.

I was told the unlawful and organised individuals used advanced computer AI to scan court archives. A profile of all court staff was created. this profiled all the judges and lawyers and court staff from far left to far right. this human bias range is just 5%.

I was told the software used to allocate judges and court staff by the family courts had a backdooor trojan. The court profile was added to an algorithm to select the worst combination of court staff to create the maximum family splits.

so slecting all the staff from the far left adds a 5% human bias at every stage of proceedings. over 20 stages this results in 100% human bias.

I was told this is the reason the UK courts have 20 times higher split rates. USA intellgience explained the following for people to investigate. they said all humans in developed countries have the same brain connections, eat the same food, watch the same media and exhibit a 5% social range. this is reflected in all countries family ordess which fall within the same 5% range. Expcet for the UK which has 20 times higher split rates ... to do unlawful and organised corruption and manipulation of the software used to allocate staff to hearings.

20 staff from the far left adds 5% bias at 20 stages = 100% human bias over a family court hearing. this is why 3.6 million family and 2.4 million child orders exist in the UK today.

I was told the names and backgrounds of 20+ Judges, Doctors, Social workers, Court staff, court complaints staff who would be groomed into the family courts and fast tracked into key roles. None of these individuals worked for the family courts in 2010.

I reported this to the police. I was interviewed on the 20th March 2010 by senior detectives who created \'life threatening future points of no return threshold statements\' as part of the Osman Letter police procedure.

the police created the following threshold statement in march 2010

\"If you find yourself in a future family court with 20+ named family court individuals (Judges, Doctors, Social workers, Lawyers and Court staff) with backgrounds that bias every stage of proceedings as discussed. And D***** S***** Splits your family by indirect letters. And Dr E***** is appointed for child therapy. And nobody is listening then you must immediately inform your family of life threatening events and take all actions to avoid them.\"

In 2020, 100% of the police thresholds were met. my wife was groomed online and followed a forum post how to remove spoise from house without comeback. All 20+ named court individuals turned up in court and split the family by indirect letters. All 20 individuals had backgrounds exactly as wanred in 2010.

The final judge knew his name was reported in 2010 ... he did not allow me to summon a senior detective to court to read the above statement out.

I need help to get the police statement or to summon the police to a family court or criminal court of civil court.

It is 100% evidence that myself and my daugthers told 100% of the truth.

It is 100% evidence that the mother was groomed and followed pre-planned and pre-mediated events (as reported 10 years previously to the police).

It is 100% evidence that the family courts have been correupted on a massive scale.

USA intellgence said that 10,000 good fmailies were bieng targeted each year.

I need some urgent legal help and support.

specifially to summont the police officer to court to read the threshold statement.

I have not seen or had contact with my famiy for 3 years which breaks my human rights.

I have emailed 200 lawyers without response.

I find the entire situation is disguting. Please can someone help me stand up for justice and get a summons fo rthe police to get them to read out their statements.

I was told the names of local corrupt police who would try and stop investigations. 3 corrupt police have turned up over the last 18 months.

my family are curently being groomed to go to the USA.

I need urgent help to stop these pre-planned events.

in 2010, USA inteligence said a signifcant amoutn of money would be given to the mothers family in the USA and it would have a personal connection which only i would recognise.

In March 2021, $2.92 million was transferred to my wifes brothers business in the Cayman Islands. The date is my birthday and this was also reported to the police in 2010.

Please help me summon the police or get the police report.

I am totaally despite to the point of crossing red lines to stop events from happening.

This corruption of the family court affects all 3.6 million split families in the UK.

the software used to allocate staff selected the worst combination of staff and plays on 5% human bias multiplied by 20 stages = 100% human bias.

In a \'grey scale court where 51%+ evididence is accepted ... 100% human bias creates 20 times higher splitt rates.

I need a family lawyer and a criminal lawyer and a human rights lawyer.

My case needs to summon the police to read out the Osman threshold statement from 2010. this then proves all the above.

It would then oopen the doors for a CLASS ACTION on behalf of 3.6 million UK families and 2.4 million child orders because all these family splits are down to manipulation of the online software.

In my hearing none of the 20+ named staff reported to the police in 2010 worled for the family courts. In 2020, 100% of them turned up.

I have 30 witnesses who remember discussions about the above in 2010.

I have 2nd highest ranking poice officer who wrote an Osman lifee threatening threshold statement. All 20+ named judges and court staff turned up 10 years latter and split the family by indirect letters.

This is frankly horrific.

USA intellgience said 10,000 good families each years were being targeted and grroomed into roles to further unlawful and organised business interests. the largest barrier to unlawfula nd oganised individuals is grooming people they can control and place into key roles.

Please can a good lawyers/lawyers help me summon the pollice officer into a family court or criminal court or civil court.
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