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Re:Crown Court CasesCrown Court Cases

Re:Crown Court Cases     (Posted on: 2022-11-17 14:11:10)

The offence/s a defendant has been charged with are not available on this website but the local newspaper or police website may have published the charges before any conviction or sentence.

You can attend a hearing or contact the court if the hearings are open to the public.

If your concern is about someone with access to children you can ask the police to share information about sex offenders under Sarah\'s Law (Child Sex Offender Disclosure Scheme) - See: https://www.met.police.uk/rqo/request/ri/request-information/sarahs-law-beta/sarahs-law-child-sex-offender-disclosure-scheme/
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Crown Court Cases     (Posted on: 2022-11-03 21:31:55)

I have found the details of a crown court case against a neighbour. Whilst I am able to see dates, times and details of the case (jury, adjourned, case closed, case to be listed for sentencing... etc), I am unable to see what the case is actually FOR. I thought that this information would be available, especially as it appears that the case is finished and awaiting an official sentence. Is there a way that I can find this information?

We are concerned for our own safety due to ongoing suspicious regarding this person.
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