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Re:ARSON     (Posted on: 2012-10-25 23:42:34)

Let me get this right... You\'re wife & yourself burnt her underwear to celebrate her losing weight and you even went out and bought her some sexy new stuff. Am I correct so far?
Now, from what I can gather you are now saying she has since called the Police and stated that you have burnt all her underwear in malice and she wishes to press charges against you (*I take it you are no longer an item)
Firstly, if you are in the UK, this is not really a Police matter but a civil one. So long as you didn\'t set fire to the garments in the house where it could be said you endangered others lives.. You quite rightly burnt them in a controlled place.
Her is what I would do - I would let her call you to court but keep an ACE up you\'re sleeve.
You need someone who can tie her in knots on the stand (I could do it) by asking her multiple, quick answer questions, that start in her favour so she would just answer a definite yes or no answer, throw enough of these at her until she seems bored or off track and then throw in a \'Did it give you pleasure to watch all that oversized underwear burn that night\' - she will automatically say yes, because she would of felt pleasure for sure and she is in the yes/no answering mode, so she would automatically say yes without even really realising it. As soon as she says yes - BLAM case closed, thank you you\'re honour but she just admitted on oath that she felt pleasure watching her underwear burn, meaning she was there when they were burnt and so the claim against my client cannot therefore be true.
Case Discharged - You are a free man

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